MAT1341D - Introduction to Linear Algebra
Charles Starling
The final exam is on April 24th at 2pm in the Sports Complex room 2. Bring your student card!
Office hours for the exam period are 1-3pm each weekday. If you have a problem, come see me!
In the last lecture I gave you a list of computational things I expect you to know how to do. This is not everything I need you to know about the course, just the computational things.
Practice for Final - a list of questions from the past final exams that you are NOT responsible for. Every question not on the list is fair game.
The final exam I gave last year - You are not responsible for questions 2 and 6 - they are chapter 5 material.
Test 2 Solutions
Test 1 Solutions - There were two versions. Version 1 is posted to the left, version 2 is the same as version 1 with the multiple choice questions mixed up.
Quiz3 Solutions
Quiz2 Solutions

ASSIGNMENT 3 Solutions
ASSIGNMENT 2 Solutions
ASSIGNMENT 1 Solutions


Course outline
Rough course notes , courtesy Barry Jessup. Sections in the book correspond to pages in these notes in roughly the following manner:
• Sections 1.1 to 1.5 correspond to pages 30 - 56
• Sections 2.1 to 2.3 correspond to pages 69 - 82
• Section 2.5 corresponds to pages R1 - R5 in the notes marked "Review"
• Sections 3.1 to 3.3 together with section 3.5 correspond to pages R6 - R11 in the notes marked "Review"
Due to the differences in course layout, the other things I have done don't really line up with many sections in the old notes. Here and there there are similarities though.
Past problems from tests
Some practice problems from the text
Past tests and exams , again courtesy Barry Jessup
Other References
Online Test Bank (Virtual Campus)
Applications of Linear Algebra